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7 Benefits of a Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Finding and hiring top talent is a challenge for many companies. There is a lot of competition, and it can be challenging to stand out against the larger corporations known for having a great culture. But complicated does not mean impossible. 

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Keep in mind the adage, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Simply put, you need to use the same strategy big employers use: recruitment marketing. Recruiting becomes much easier when you have a good recruitment marketing strategy. Recruitment marketing benefits job seekers by making them aware of the company and what it could offer them and helps businesses attract qualified applicants.  

Let's look at other reasons why business owners struggling to find and retain talent should consider a recruitment marketing campaign.  

1. Attracts Top Talent 

Chances are, if you post a job, you'll get applicants. The question is, how many qualified prospective employees will you attract? The best and brightest candidates are likely already employed or considering multiple offers. Companies that leverage recruitment marketing attract the best candidates and have a greater chance of convincing currently employed ones that it is time for a change by highlighting the company's unique value proposition and promoting its employer brand.  

2. Increases Efficiency 

Recruiting is time-consuming, as is building a talent pool from which to choose. Human resources departments spend hours each day seeking out passive job-seekers, combing through social media or job boards for the 73% of job seekers who don't reach out to specific companies. By streamlining the recruitment process and attracting a higher volume of qualified candidates, recruitment marketing benefits companies by saving time and resources compared to traditional recruitment methods.  

3. Improves Candidate Experience 

Your recruitment outreach is the first chance to make a positive impression on potential candidates. Candidates will share their recruitment experiences on social media and job boards like Glassdoor, both good and bad, meaning your approach has high stakes. The more positive the experience, the better your reputation. Giving your candidates a positive recruitment experience also speaks well for the company culture, making it easier to attract top talent in the future.  

4. Supports Diversity and Inclusion 

According to a survey by Glassdoor, 76% of job seekers consider a company's diversity practices an important factor for considering employment offers. Including your diversity and inclusion policies in recruiting messages helps notify top talent that you have a desirable and inclusive company culture.  Building a more inclusive workplace starts with a recruitment strategy that attracts a more diverse pool of candidates. Keeping a focus on diversity and inclusion not only attracts new employees but helps retain your current talent.  

5. Enhances Employer Brand 

Consider your recruitment messages as your company's elevator speech. You have a limited time to convey your values, culture, and mission. It is intrinsically connected to your brand. A well-crafted recruitment marketing campaign improves the employer brand and makes it more attractive to potential candidates.  

6. Measurable Results 

Having a strategy means setting clear goals and key performance indicators to measure the progress toward them. It is no different with a recruitment marketing strategy. It provides measurable results and data-driven insights, allowing companies to continuously improve their recruitment strategies and achieve better outcomes.  

7. Cost-Effective 

An open job costs companies approximately $98 per day on average, with an average vacancy of 42 days, totaling $4,129 per vacancy. That number goes up to $14,936 for an executive position. When you add the time it takes each recruiter to find qualified applicants, the costs can add up quickly. 

Recruitment marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional recruitment methods. It presents a significant return on investment by reducing open job costs and streamlining the recruitment process.  It can attract passive candidates and promote the company's employer brand. A recruitment campaign can bring attention to your superior company culture, saving time and resources by attracting a higher caliber of talent that comes to you.   

Recruitment Marketing Benefits Everyone 

The most important asset any company has is its workforce. Their talent, hard work, customer service, and commitment to quality output affects the business's reputation. That directly impacts the public's impression of its products or services and its reputation as an employer. However, building a team of high-performers can be challenging.  

A strategically crafted marketing campaign highlighting your brand's value proposition as an employer is the most effective way to attract and retain top talent. With stakes this high, you may consider working with an experienced marketing partner. When you are ready to attract high-performing candidates, save time and resources, and increase your employer brand awareness, contact Mid-West Family for recruitment marketing campaigns. 

The Essentials of a Successful Recruitment Campaign

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