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What to Know About Radio Advertising’s Relevancy

How effective is radio advertising? Radio advertising's effectiveness remains high, even with the significant increase in digital marketing. In reality, radio advertising can bring several potential benefits to your brand.  

The Popularity of Radio Advertising   

Approximately 92% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to the radio every week. That means more than 235 million potential audience members for advertisers. Furthermore, radio continues to grow. Around 90% of 12-17-year-olds, a demographic that many assume no longer listen to the radio, still listen to the radio each week. 

Radio also remains a stable source of listeners. It has more forms and options than ever, including satellite, podcasts, and more, which means an increasing number of potential ways to connect with listeners. As a result, radio advertisements are ideally positioned to reach a wide demographic, especially as podcast listening continues to grow.  

Radio advertising also remains a popular source of advertising spend in many industries.  

  • Retail: $246.9 million  
  • Communications: $244.9 million 
  • Government, politics, and organizations: $212.6 million 
  • Insurance and real estate: $194.8 million 
  • Financial services brands: $155.9 million 
  • Restaurants: $99.5 million

Radio's broad listener base makes it an appealing marketing channel for virtually any business or non-profit. Local companies may want to advertise with smaller local stations that can help them reach users within their immediate geographic area. In contrast, larger companies with a broader reach may find it more effective to connect via satellite radio stations, podcasts, or multiple local radio stations within their target geographic areas, depending on their specific needs. 

The Likelihood of Purchasing from a Radio Ad 

Listeners may prove more likely to purchase from a brand they have heard about on the radio. That occurs for several key reasons. First, radio advertising automatically brings a more profound sense of credibility and legitimacy than a brand that a user might only have heard about through a digital ad. Second, radio ads are often connected with popular radio personalities. Those personalities often become part of a listener's overall lifestyle, and they may identify heavily with them. Having those personalities recommend your brand may help consumers connect more with it. Like "native ads" designed to fit with a website's purpose, ads that fit a radio personality's style may also perform better overall.  

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Here's Why Radio Advertising is Worth It  

Radio advertising is incredibly valuable for your brand for the following reasons and more. 


Radio marketing is a highly affordable marketing strategy, with radio ads for every budget. While big businesses might want to advertise in prime spots, smaller companies or non-profits may choose to sponsor specific segments or run less-frequent ads. With so many options, one likely fits your brand's marketing budget. 

Broad Audience Reach 

Radio ads have substantial reach. With such a high percentage of the population listening to the radio, there are many opportunities to reach your ideal audience. Radio advertising is also great for a highly targeted marketing strategy since you can focus on the type of content listeners are consuming and ensure that your content appears on the stations they already trust.  

Raising Brand Awareness 

Consumers cannot turn to you if they do not know that you exist. They need to hear about you somewhere, and the radio is a great place to do it. Radio is a great place to raise awareness about upcoming events, holiday sales, community connections, and an excellent way to share information.   

Customer Traffic 

Customer traffic to your physical location or website is easier with radio ads. Customers driving down the road listening to the radio might decide to swing in and check out what you offer, or a customer who hears your jingle while at work might visit your website. By adding radio ads to your marketing strategy, you can often substantially increase your overall customer traffic. 

The ROI of Radio 

Often, ROI varies based on industry, when you air your ads, and what type of content you're raising awareness about. However, radio ads have an average 12x ROI, depending on the type of ad.  

Boost Your Brand Through Radio Ads 

Whether you're looking for a new way to connect with potential customers or a comprehensive marketing plan that provides digital and traditional advertising options, Mid-West Family of SW Michigan can help. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing strategies and how they can help your brand grow.


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