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8 Landscape Business Marketing Strategies to Help You Find New Clients

Landscaping businesses often operate on a seasonal basis, meaning good, year-round marketing can allow for a competitive edge. To stay top-of-mind with your customers, you need a landscape business marketing strategy that will keep generating steady sales. If you're unsure how to attract leads effectively, we have a few solutions in mind! 

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1. Find Your Target Audience 

Determining your target audience beforehand should be your priority before developing any advertising strategy. Otherwise, you won't know how to market your brand in a way guaranteed to attract potential customers. Because most landscaping businesses operate locally, your target audience is likely contained within your service areas. You can also narrow your customer base with demographics like age, neighborhood, or budget. 

2. Pin Down Your Marketing Goals 

Creating a set of goals is essential before investing in a marketing strategy! Ask yourself what you aim to accomplish and formulate your plans around those goals.  

For example, you can focus on marketing your services through social media or your website. For these strategies, your end goal may be a certain number of leads. As long as you have at least one goal in mind, you'll be able to track the progress of your campaigns effectively.  

3. Keep Your Marketing Strong Year-Round 

When your business must cope with all four seasons, many services are only offered during certain times of the year. Even so, your marketing should be consistent throughout the year to prevent feast or famine cycles. How will your customers remember your company exists if you don’t stay top-of-mind with good marketing? 

Even when your doors are closed, continue to market to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Don't forget to spread marketing over several channels to reach the most customers. About 78% of consumers prefer omnichannel marketing because it creates a consistent and convenient customer experience. 

4. Use Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) 

Acquiring a following online takes a lot of time and research, that's hard to perform for a busy landscaping company. Even if you have a website that includes the names of your service areas, it might not pop up on the first page of your target's online search results. Invest in PPC ads to get your company at the top of the list. On average, research shows that 65% of customers click on PPC ads. Using PPC over traditional SEO tactics can also generate 50% more traffic to your website. 

5. Form a Social Media Presence  

Every landscaping company should have a healthy social media strategy to attract local leads. Post relevant content with the right hashtags so your customers can find you through an organic search. In addition to posting content, be ready to engage with your customers directly whenever they leave comments or send you private messages. 

We recommend staying active on multiple social media platforms because each one is tailor-made to specific posting types. For example, TikTok is great for posting progress videos of your work or answering common questions. Instagram is one of the best places for posting high-quality photos of your craft. Facebook can be utilized to start conversations with your target audience, and many consumers also research this platform for reviews!  

6. Leverage Radio Ads 

Did you know 92% of Americans listen to the radio weekly through traditional means or streaming apps? Consumers listen to radio at all times of the day, from the work commute to winding down for the night. This means virtually endless exposure opportunities to your target! 

7. Take Advantage of Event Marketing 

With event marketing, you can easily introduce your company to a broad portion of your local community.  You can either attend the event yourself or request a live mention that designates your company as the sponsor. Use the opportunity to give your potential customers business cards or other branded materials! 

8. Use Email Marketing 

Email advertising is essential for any year-round marketing strategy! You can often get a customer's email address by having them exchange it for a discount code or special offer on your website. Once they're on the mailing list, keep your emails interesting with appealing subject lines and applicable content. 

Discover More Marketing Strategies for Landscapers at Mid-West Family 

There are many opportunities to advertise your landscaping business, but each one takes some expertise to master. The marketing professionals at Mid-West Family Southwest Michigan will create a unique multi-channel advertising strategy with proven results for any business. We'll also help you review your strategies periodically and make appropriate changes! Visit our website to get started. 

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