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Uniting for a Cause: Stuff a Truck with 97.5 Y-Country

Stuff A Truck 2023

In a powerful display of community spirit, the 2023 Stuff a Truck event on 97.5 Y-Country hosted at Roger's Foodland brought together Stuff a Truck's participating sponsors, and local communities throughout Southwest Michigan for a common cause — supporting the Southwestern Michigan Community Action Agency (SMCAA). The 27th annual event, held on November 13th - 18th, aimed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by food insecurity in Southwest Michigan, and the results were nothing short of outstanding.


Celebrating Success: $45,000 Raised for Southwest Michigan Communities

The true measure of Stuff a Truck's success lies in the generosity of our community, and The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency’s Yvonne Vidt tells us people are incredibly generous. In addition to a record-breaking $45,000 raised, the drive stuffed a total of seven trucks with food and personal hygiene items, including 200 donation boxes of goods collected from local schools.

“We had a big turnout,” Vidt said. “Actually, it’s the first year that we’ve ever gathered so many donations in cash. This year, we did raise $22,500, and Wolf Financial is going to match that.” 

Unity in Action: Mid-West Family Southwest Michigan and You

Each donation, volunteer hour, live broadcast, and act of kindness for Stuff a Truck is a prime example of the positive impact we can make when local communities unite with local businesses and organizations.  If you're passionate about making an impact and are looking for other ways to get involved in other cause-marketing efforts like Stuff A Truck, or generate your own great idea to help the community, contact us today!

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