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What Kinds of Marketing Tactics Should You Be Using?

As the dynamic business landscape continues to grow, so do your options regarding how you should market your brand. You might look at all the various marketing strategies available and start to get overwhelmed. While each one has its benefits, only some of them may be suitable for your company. Let's go over the most popular types of marketing techniques so that you can plan a well-rounded advertising strategy. 

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Digital Marketing: A Must in the Digital Age 

For millions of consumers, checking the news online or visiting their favorite websites is an essential part of their daily routine. When you can secure advertising on these websites, you're able to subtly engage with your audience and encourage them to seek out your brand's products.  

Digital marketing typically includes a mix of targeted display ads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO). Each method is accommodating for small or large businesses regardless of budget size. For example, PPC advertising only charges you whenever a consumer clicks on your ad. Review your business objectives carefully so that you can choose the best tactics. 

Audio Marketing: The Power of Broadcast Radio 

82% of U.S. consumers still listen to the radio every week for music, news updates, or simply to listen to their favorite hosts. The implementation of audio elements, including powerful voiceovers and sound effects, can add more depth to your advertisement that can't be communicated through text alone. Additionally, radio is often a respected source of information from local audiences, so it's an excellent tool to use if you're looking to grow a small business.  


Content Marketing: Educate and Engage 

Content marketing provides consumers with key insights about how your products and services will change their lives for the better. More importantly, speaking as an authority in your industry will also garner more trust from your audience. There are several ways to implement content marketing effectively, from blog posts to spoken-word advertisements on podcasts or radio programs. Videos and infographics can convey a lot of information in a convenient, easily digestible format. Regardless of your presentation method, the content itself should be factual and relevant to the interests of your target demographic.  

Social Media Marketing: Connect With Your Audience 

Social media marketing allows you to form meaningful connections with your audience at a faster pace. For example, if someone has a concern or question about your products, you can reply immediately and provide outstanding customer service. Efficient problem-solving is proven to grow emotional connections between your brand and 80% of consumers, which in turn establishes brand loyalty. You also need to create specialized content for each platform and consistently monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine whether refinements are needed.  

Email Marketing: Nurture Customer Relationships 

Once you've motivated customers to make a sale, you can use email marketing to promote continuous conversions. Consumers are drawn to personalized emails that make them feel appreciated by your brand. Optimize your content to include your customer's name, relevant product or service suggestions, and links that redirect to easily accessible pages on both desktop and mobile. Take advantage of automation and segmented email lists, which only deliver messages to customers based on their preferences. Reports show that segmenting your email marketing campaigns can increase your clickthrough rate by up to 50%. 

Influencer Marketing: Leverage Industry Voices 

The opinions of local influencers can have an enormous impact on your audience. Just one recommendation from an influencer can prompt both new and returning customers to check out your brand and make a near-immediate purchase. Just keep in mind that your influencer of choice should appeal to your target audience. The values and opinions of that influencer should also align with those of your company.  

Event Marketing: Foster Face-to-Face Communications 

If you want to make lasting impressions with your customers, it's important to keep both digital and in-person channels open for communication. With event marketing, you can have real-time conversations with your customers or potential business partners while demonstrating the benefits of your products at the same time. Thanks to digital software that utilizes webcams, these events can also be held virtually.  

Omnichannel Marketing: Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Strategies 

With many diverse advertising strategies in your toolbox, you'll be able to reach your audience on multiple platforms. This makes the customer journey easier and results in higher brand recognition. However, these benefits can only be achieved if you continue to use the most relevant marketing techniques.  

Keeping up with the latest changes in customer behavior and the business landscape may require additional insight from an advertising partner. Midwest Family Southwest Michigan works with companies of all types and sizes to create customized marketing plans with proven success rates. These plans can include connecting you with broadcast radio influencers, planning events, developing a multi-tiered digital advertising approach, and more. If you're interested in a free strategy analysis, you can request one on our website or contact our team by phone today. 

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